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A new course from TTS

05 June 2014

Total Training Solutions are pleased to introduce a new course to our ever-expanding course directory. The ISTQB Tester course at Foundation level will run from 30th June until 2nd July with 2.5 days of learning followed by a mock exam and final exam. Total Training Solutions already run a number of courses offered by ISTQB - one of the most highly recognised qualification boards in the world - however this qualification is the ideal choice for anyone currently wanting to break into the software testing industry.

The certification provides an introduction to software testing and is recognised by most organisations as a reputable foundation qualification in the field. The course covers all the basics of software testing, including theory and terminology, and is suitable for anyone who requires a basic knowledge of software testing - whether you’re new to the industry or have some prior experience.

Over the three day course, the board aims to provide you with the tools to be recognised as an essential and professional software engineer as well as providing a framework for your future career in software testing. Additionally, the course aims to promote consistent and professional testing practices and to teach students how to apply common testing techniques and approaches. However, the benefits of the course do not only apply to those earning the qualification. With more software testers earning a reputable qualification, employers are able to gain an advantage over competitors by hiring only the most competent and qualified testers. Businesses may also be able to boost their reputation by enrolling their testers on the course, ensuring that all team members are equipped with a globally recognised certification.

But as in all professional fields, there is always room for growth and improvement. If you’re a Foundation level software tester or head a team of employees qualified at a Foundation level, you may want to consider advancing to a higher level. At Total Training Solutions, we also offer a range of ISTQB qualifications for those at a higher level - with Intermediate and Advanced certifications also available. Whether you want to build on your pre-existing skills and progress in the software testing industry, or simply want recognition for your experience and ability, a higher level ISTQB qualification can impress potential employers or customers.

To learn more about the new ISTQB Tester course, contact Total Training Solutions today and enquire. You can reach us by phone on 0800 612 1299, by email at info@tts-uk.com or through our online contact form. You can also learn about the other courses we offer by browsing our course directory.

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