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Adobe Programmes Explained

29 August 2013

Adobe is one of the largest software companies in the world, offering a huge variety of programmes to suit all needs. However we’re here to run you through the most popular and most commonly used Adobe programmes:

Illustrator: Illustrator is most commonly used for creating graphics. This can be useful when creating logos or banners for websites, designs for business cards, or even when designing graphics for t-shirts or prints for the home. Illustrator’s vector technology means that designs can be blown up to enormous sizes and still retain the same quality.

Photoshop: The must-have programme for photographers everywhere. This piece of software allows you to tweak and manipulate images - from basic actions such as altering size or colour to advanced airbrushing.

InDesign: This programme allows users to bring together illustrations and photographs to create layouts for leaflets, magazine spreads or PDFs. Incorporation of HTML also makes this a great programme for web publishing.

Flash: Flash is used everywhere on the web, from comics to games to media players. Adobe Flash allows you to create any of these multimedia applications and add them to web pages. Flash sites are often more dynamic and eye-catching, and so an ability to build one can be beneficial to your business.

Dreamweaver: A web design and development programme. Using coding, Dreamweaver allows you to create a site from scratch and personalise it to your unique specifications.

Premiere: Premiere is one of Adobe’s video programmes. It is used to cut and organise video clips, arranging them to create a movie. It also allows you to add titles or colour corrections, but effects are more commonly done on After Effects.

After Effects: Usually used in conjunction with Premiere, After Effects is used for adding visual effects to video. This includes actions such as green-screening, removing people from a frame or special effects such as fire, lightning or colour alterations.

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