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Adobe release Creative Suite 5.5

08 August 2011

Adobe recently released Creative Suite 5.5, the first of mid-cycle releases designed to keep users up to date and ahead of the technology curve between milestone CS product releases, which will now occur every 24 months. It offers a variety of brand new components and improvements upon existing CS components, and users of CS2 and later versions are eligible to upgrade.

Features which have been improved since CS5 include a multi-screen preview function in Dreamweaver, enhanced e-book publishing facilities, and the addition of Action Wizard to Acrobat Pro which enables the user to create automated sequences of frequently-used multi-step actions. There have also been essential developments in HTML5 and video.

Adobe is pushing the improvements in mobile authoring technology. They say that the upgrade will enable developers to ‘efficiently create and deliver content and applications for any [Android, Blackberry and iOS] screen or device’. This is a major selling point given the huge rise in sales of smart phones and the now-mainstream status of such products. Flash Professional will allow users to create interactive content that is consistent across the desktop, browser and hand-held devices to reach the widest possible audience. CS5.5 also now offers tablet support, with a number of iPad Adobe applications launched as part of the package.

Should you invest in the new, updated CS5.5 if you’re an existing user? It’s easy to find out what it offers in addition to editions from CS2 onwards; the Adobe website offers a filtering system to enable users to see how individual editions will benefit from an upgrade. The release of CS5.5 also coincides with the debut of a new subscription-based pricing plan, which allows users to pay month-by-month or for a year at a time and offers greater flexibility.

To find out more about Creative Suite and Adobe and how it could benefit your company, have a look at the courses we offer: Creative Suite for Design, Creative Suite for Production, and Creative Suite for Web Design.

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