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Agile Scrum Quick Reference App

16 September 2011

The Scrum project management system, part of the Agile system can now be found on an app for Android, Blackberry and iOS which allows owners to quickly reference the principles of the system. It is described by its developers, Sulaba, as ‘a memory refreshing tool’ for seasoned project managers or ‘a simple, basic and brief instruction set for accomplishing a specific task by a novice project manager’.

The app is split into two modules, Agile and Scrum, with both containing overviews of their respective terminology, principles, risks and so on. It also features a glossary section containing formulas and terms.

The quick reference app makes for a useful, to-hand tool when on the go, in meetings or when other technology (power point and internet connections) fails. The app makes research and project planning a simpler task by providing the user with the key Scrum and Agile application models at the flick of a switch. Working from home or in-transit need not hinder the planning process as information can be accessed instantly through this handy app.

Of course, thorough prior knowledge of the methodologies are highly recommended and the app shouldn’t be relied upon to solve all your project planning needs. A professional course and qualification, like the ones offered by Total Training Solutions, is strongly advised. The Professional Scrum Master does exactly what it says on the tin and will have you up-to-speed and confident with all the Scrum applications and theologies in just 2 days. The Agile Project Management course will give you a solid and concise understanding of the Agile model and how to apply it to your business sector. To enquire about either of these courses call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com. Search the Total Training Solutions directory for full course listings.

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