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Any business with growth ambitions should be looking hard at their mobile strategy

14 March 2013

Last week we looked at what mobile development is and how it can be used. This week we turn our attention to how important mobile development is in order to help your business grow.

In 2010 over 50 percent of all internet access, worldwide, came from mobile devices. Therefore if you do not have a mobile strategy of any kind, you have all but lost access to 50 percent of the world’s internet traffic. While your regular website would appear on mobile devices, it is likely that visitors will get impatient with its slow speed and overall clumsiness. Therefore it is important to run a mobile website.

An excellent way of building brand awareness is to create mobile apps. If you manage to create an app which is useful to people they will download a piece of software to their device which has your brand all over it. In many cases, this can mean that they have access to and are exposed to your company without even having an internet connection.

Maps services are a good way of making sure that customers can find you while they are on the move. It is important, therefore, to enter your location into Google Maps, particularly if you are a high street business that relies heavily on footfall.

Another thing to consider as part of your mobile strategy is mobile adverts. Your ads can be seen by customers at all times, not just when they are sitting at a PC or laptop. As you would expect, this makes the adverts more effective and research has shown that mobile ads are actually 5 times better than their internet counterparts.

If you are looking to develop and implement your mobile strategy but are unsure how to go about it, give Total Training Solutions a call today on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via the website.

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