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Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Pro in the Classroom

26 June 2012

Improvements in the video production market mean significant software is now at the finger-tips of the budding and professional video maker.

Industry experts believe products like Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro from Adobe (both available from Total Training Solutions) have been created in such a way that professional content is now instantly possible. Anthony Corcoran, Broadcast Consultant at Jigsaw 24 Education claims, “The beauty of their design means that you don't need to spend months learning the ins and outs before you can start creating amazing video content. Teach your class a few basic rules and they can be up and running almost immediately.”

The basic rules he refers to almost certainly include tips on manipulating time and motion. Changing the speed of a clip without a staggered look is made easy with Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro. A few short steps and you can alter the speed of your video by duration or percentage. A good tip to achieve a smooth finish is to adjust by percentage in multiples of 25 in accordance with the 25 frames per second UK colour coding system.

Once only available in apps like Adobe After Effects, more than one speed adjustment is now possible with Time Remapping, a feature available on pro-apps like Final Cut and Premier Pro. Allowing for total control over the tempo, Remapping speeds up and slows down a piece of video to any pace and at any point.

Frame blending will help iron out the jagged look that can result from speed adjustments. Motion Blur, the industry standard technique, will help make movement look natural and clean. There are a few tricks to implementing this correctly but will give anyone dedicated enough to learn it properly a real head start if they want to get into the creative industry.

To give your video production career a boost, why not enrol on a certified Adobe or Apple course from Total Training Solutions? Both offer streamlined technology to guarantee the user a professional quality image and video editing service. Take a look through our extensive directory and when you find the one for you call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com to book.

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