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Become an Apple certified Macintosh technician

20 May 2013

By becoming an Apple certified Macintosh technician (ACMT), you gain the ability to perform basic troubleshooting and repair tasks on both desktop Macs and portable Macbooks and iMacs. As talked about in last week’s blog, skills with Apple technology are becoming increasingly important for IT technicians and this is not limited to software. Hardware skills are of equal importance and becoming an ACMT will help you to solve basic problems with Mac OS X and repair hardware.

While the ACMT is intended for employees of Apple, it can be useful for many who are not employed by Apple. The skills are important for somebody who is perhaps, employed by an Apple reseller. If that company offers their own troubleshooting service, then being trained in how to use Apple hardware is a very useful skill. Furthermore, the qualification is useful for somebody who maintains an in-house Apple IT system. For example, a school or university IT technician. However, it must be noted that this qualification alone does not allow you to perform repairs on Apple products without voiding the warranty.

In order to pass this certification, you must take two exams. One of the exams will be based on Apple software, the other will be hardware-based. The ACMT certification is valid for one year only. So if you are to keep up-to-date with this qualification and all the updates that Apple add to it, you must take an exam once a year. However if you are simply looking to develop the skills involved, there is no obligation to re-sit the exam every year.

If you are looking to become trained in Apple hardware, Total Training Solutions offer several courses including the ACMT certification and the ACMT fast track. Take a look at our course list and call today on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via the website.

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