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Become an Apple software developer

24 May 2013

In the last blog we talked about Apple hardware and how you can become an Apple certified Macintosh Technician. This week we will focus on the other side of the coin, Apple software and app development. Whether you’re looking to develop mobile apps or full-blown Mac applications, the average IT professional will need to be trained in the right skills.

There are many courses available for those who want to train in Apple software, ranging from getting to grips with the very basics, to advanced Apple security training. The basic courses will cover, as you would expect, the basics you need to know about Apple software before getting started. Their aim is to cover every area briefly, so that when you want to develop your Apple knowledge, you will know which area you wish to specialise in.

Other courses will be more specialised and will appeal to those who already have a level of expertise in Apple software. Just as with the hardware courses, you can become certified in Apple software in the Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems, along with creative certifications in the world of app development. While it is true that you don’t necessarily need any training whatsoever in app development, all you need is a Mac and the Software Development Kit (SDK), having a certification will seriously boost your CV and help you to compete in a tough job market. Furthermore, training courses will help you to build better optimised, more efficient apps .

So, if you’re looking to get started as an Apple software developer, or even if you’re looking for a certification to prove that you already have those skills, Total Training Solutions has a vast range of Apple software courses and App Development courses and has partnered up with Europe’s number one Apple authorised training company, Amsys, to bring those courses to you. So, take a look at our course list and call on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via the website.

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