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Cisco entry level success stories

24 April 2014

Due to the structure of Cisco qualifications, and the emphasis on developing your skills to the highest level, it can be easy to assume that success in the networking field is only possible if you attain an Expert level certification. However this is not the case. Having a Cisco certification, regardless of level, on your CV has the potential to improve your career. The Cisco website has a number of success stories from those with Entry and Associate level certifications to demonstrate the ways in which a qualification with Cisco can turn your working life around…

Adrian Cassar, a networking engineer for Budweiser in London, originally planned to pursue a degree in psychology, however he was beginning to feel as though he was lacking direction. After researching Cisco, he found a passion for networking and earned his CCNA certification. His Entry level qualification helped him get his current job at one of the biggest beverage companies in the world, and he is now working on implementing a wireless network at Budweiser’s London headquarters. He said,

“Budweiser encourages certifications and gives time off for test taking and classes. At the end of the day, the company wants zero outages, and that’s where the knowledge that comes with certification and training is essential.”

Cisco is not only recognised in the UK. Companies all over the globe hold Cisco in high regard, and a certification in Cisco can help you find a career anywhere in the world. Roosevelt Berry’s incredible success story, From Refugee to Cisco Certified Professional, maps a journey from a refugee camp in Ghana, where his first priority was “to keep the breath in my body” to his former home in Liberia, armed with both the knowledge and the skills to begin a career in networking. Roosevelt’s story demonstrates how a Cisco education can be the all-important stepping stone between a desire to learn more about the sector and building a career within it.

Not everyone can work their way to an Expert level. And not everybody needs to. While Cisco encourages personal development, even the most basic level of certification requires talent and dedication, and most organisations are aware of the hard work put in by those with a certification on their CV, along with the practical skills they will be able to bring to the table. If you are interested in finding out more about what a Cisco qualification could do for you, contact Total Training Solutions on 0800 612 1299. View our full range of Cisco courses and if you have any enquiries you can always email us at info@tts-uk.com.

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