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Citrix Study Guide Certifications Benefits

06 February 2012

People are increasingly bringing smartphones, tablets and other devices they once might have used solely for personal use into the workplace. To this end, the distinction between work and home, the office and play is becoming less clear and more is expected in terms of rich, user experience. Citrix labels this ‘consumerisation’ and their products exist to meet this demand. Their server and desktop virtualisation programs, networking, collaboration and cloud computing products are designed to feed this consumer hunger.

The Citrix website states their virtualisation technology works in three ways:

For people
Citrix technology offers the flexibility to balance work and life — the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, on a schedule that fits the employee's life.

For I.T. organisations
Citrix technology enables a more people-centric, on-demand computing model that provides people the flexibility and freedom they want and IT the control it requires.

For business
Citrix technology gives business the agility needed to seize new opportunities, deliver exceptional customer service and create a more efficient organisation.

To get the most out of these products and services, Citrix have numerous course and certification paths. For I.T. Professionals adding Citrix to your list of qualifications demonstrates your knowledge in the field. Certification is organised into three levels based on job roles and the following courses are available from Total Training Solutions:

Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration - an entry level certificate that provides the necessary foundations for administrators to manage desktops. This course is ideal for server, network and system administrators, analysts and consultants.

Engineering a Citrix Virtualisation Solution – teaches Citrix engineers how to integrate component technologies of a Citrix virtualisation solution in a Windows 2008 server environment.

Architecting a Citrix Virtualisation Solution – equips Citrix architects with the skills to analyse and design a comprehensive Citrix virtualisation solution.

In the competitive world of recruitment, whether you want to find a new position or gain promotion, you need to arm yourself with as many positive attributes as possible to set yourself apart from other candidates. Citrix study guide certification demonstrates your professional skills. Employers consider professional certification an advantage and in many cases it is a mandatory requirement when hiring new staff. Even for those looking to progress within their existing company, career competitiveness of present workers can be based on the qualifications you hold. Study aids to guide you through preparation for Citrix exams can be the difference between pass or failure and ultimately advancing in your career or not.

Obtaining Citrix certification means you master the latest technology in your given field. And when the only thing that is consistent in I.T. is change, with new technologies emerging all the time, holding the most up-to-date qualification is what will drive your professional career forward.

To discover the full range of Citrix courses offered by Total Training Solutions, visit the website today. Our friendly team are ready to take you call on 0800 612 1299 and answer any questions you may have or alternatively you can email info@tts-uk.com.

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