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Connect Sage ACT! to your Social Media contacts

02 October 2012

We don’t need to tell you the popularity, influence and impact of social media. Doubtless you have at least one social network account of your own whether it be a personal Facebook account or business Twitter feed, or visa versa.

If you handle numerous social accounts, you’ll appreciate the time needed to keep them all up to date and monitored and if managing these types of pages are a part of your job role, it can be an endless task.

Sage ACT! have recognised the link between their Customer Relationship Management product and social networks. As well as building your online reputation, increasing trust and generating business, by incorporating social media into your contact and customer management software, even more long-lasting and profitable relationships can be developed.

As part of the 2013 offering, Sage ACT! have built-in social media features that allows you to monitor the activity of your contacts. This helps you build an understanding of their business practices and better places you for more effective future marketing. This is also true of prospective customers. Social media is a useful tool for identifying prospects and reaching out to target markets.

User generated content is the key to social media’s success. It let’s you have a voice and platform to air your opinion to the world. From a business perspective social media makes you appear more accessible and personable and is second to none for generating word of mouth marketing. Facebook is where your customers are talking, forming opinions and making recommendations. They may also be having conversations about your business so you need to listen and that is where Sage ACT! comes in. The Premium software allows you to capitalise on unique customer insights with its social network integration:

Social Updates
This feature allows you to view a collection of your contact’s last 25 posts made on LinkedIn and Facebook, gaining an insider’s perspective of your customer’s day-to-day interactions. You can dig deeper by clicking on a post to reveal the complete social media profile. Here you can actively watch your customer’s posts and comments to build up a profile of their activity enabling you to deliver your message at the right time to improve your sales and marketing effectiveness.

Social Sharing
Sage E-marketing for ACT! creates and sends professional, eye-catching emails. Social Sharing features enables you to extend your reach beyond the email by posting your email campaigns to your social media sites thus letting those that “like”, “follow”, or “connect” with you to automatically receive these updates and then share with their network. Similarly, adding social media sharing icons to email footers allows for easy sharing.

Ensure you are up-to-speed with the latest versions and developments in Sage ACT! by enrolling on an official affiliated course from Total Training Solutions. Browse our course directory or for latest Sage ACT! qualifications call 0800 612 1299. If you have a question concerning any of our courses or if you would like to book a place you can contact us using the number above or by emailing info@tts-uk.com.

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