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Construction Certificate in Health and Safety

15 November 2013

Health and safety is becoming a big concern for every type of company, but even more so in construction. In fact, health and safety should be the number one concern in every aspect of construction, as the industry is prone to potential hazards and accidents. NEBOSH offers health and safety training intended for managers, supervisors, designers and construction workers in general, in compliance with the Construction Regulations of 2007.

Construction materials, tools, machinery and handling techniques all come with their own dangers but by implementing and maintaining appropriate health and safety protocols and providing specific training to the staff in this subject, unnecessary risks will be minimized.

A reduction in company incidents may result in an improvement in the productivity of your workers as well as having economic benefits such as fewer staff on sick leave due to injury, fewer payouts and a reduced risk of legal action. Health and safety certificates also carry some positive connotations for your business that can improve your relationship with partners, customers and investors.

As a worker, this certificate also has multiple benefits, demonstrating your abilities in your career area as well as laying the ground for a possible future career in health and safety. To potential employers, a NEBOSH certificate demonstrates professionalism and skill, and to potential customers, an ability to finish a job effectively with minimal risk to others on site.

Total Training Solutions offers the NEBOSH National Construction Certificate, as accepted by IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) and IIRSM (The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management), for an affordable price, so you know your new qualification is accredited and recognised worldwide.

There is simply no excuse for slacking or cutting corners when it comes to health and safety in construction. An affordable investment in 12 days of training will reward you with numerous long term benefits. If you’re interested in our Health and Safety Construction Certificate for your team or your business, contact Total Training Solutions today to discuss NEBOSH’s Construction Certificate, or visit our course catalogue to see what else is available. You can call us with any questions on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via our website.

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