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Courses to aid IT careers

10 September 2013

IT is the backbone of any successful business, and offers promising careers to those who wish to put their practical skills to good use without a formal education. Total Training Solutions offer courses for a range of IT skills, allowing you to specialise in a particular field or brush up on an area that requires improvement.

For those wishing to get a handle on one of the two major operating systems, we have courses for both Apple and Microsoft available. For anyone wanting to specialise in one operating system over the other, these qualifications can act as a recognisable certification to potential employers and can make your CV stand out amongst others. Alternatively, a basic knowledge of one of the two systems is often essential for many careers today - not just in IT - due to the increasing use of computers in the workplace, and a certified qualification to demonstrate a solid understanding of either Microsoft or Apple OS X can enhance your prospects in almost any field.

We also offer classes in online security, an increasingly marketable skill, particularly in council offices and schools, where network security and disaster recovery are vital. Similarly, we offer a variety of Oracle-based classes. Oracle’s database functions are used in offices across the country, including most government run establishments, and an expert knowledge of the programme can therefore fast-track you to a successful IT career.

Our fast and affordable courses can help you make the most of your CV, and make a head start with your chosen career. While formal education may not be for everyone, a quick, easy, yet reputable qualification can only be advantageous to your prospects. Visit our course catalogue to view our full range of courses, and if you’ve got any enquiries, feel free to contact us on 0800 612 1299 or drop us an email at info@tts-uk.com.

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