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Do the best project managers go beyond PRINCE2?

19 July 2012

PRINCE2 is great in theory, but how do we apply it to real life?

PRINCE2 goes into detail about control and governance and the theories behind them. However, the course does not go into the people skills, techniques and tools required to implement these theories or, at least, not in any great detail.

While these are clearly important, the aim of PRINCE2 is to teach theoretical knowledge and control processes. But to be a successful project manager, the required skill set must go beyond theory.

In order to build on the theory learned in a PRINCE2 course, project managers must have the skills to communicate their ideas. Therefore, people skills are important. Leadership, team building and the ability to deal with conflict are all crucial for effective project management.

As well as people skills, a good project manager will need skills to help him or her to deliver and control their products. Some of these are detailed in PRINCE2, but the very best project managers will go the extra mile; making use of budget and schedule estimation, critical path analysis and project control techniques.

So, in summary, PRINCE2 can provide you with the knowledge basis for becoming an excellent project manager, but you need to develop further skills in order to make use of that knowledge.

If you’re looking to build your project management knowledge and get a qualification to prove it, Total Training Solutions offer a full range of PRINCE2 courses both in person and via the web. To enquire or book a course, call: 0800 612 1299 or email: info@tts-uk.com.

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