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Do YOU need to be covered by HSE?

08 May 2012

Health and safety in the workplace is everyone’s concern, no matter what their position. Even as a worker you have a responsibility to adhere to your company’s health and safety policy. You could even face disciplinary action if you fail to comply or are found to be using unsafe working practices.

All UK businesses are required by law to have a health and safety policy in place. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) offer practical advice and guidance on your responsibilities as an employer and suggest strategies and plans to get the best out of your health and safety management. Below are some basic duties that workers at every level need to consider and ensure they are in compliance of when it comes to health and safety.

You will have prime responsibility for the health and safety of:
• your workers
• members of the public
• contractors working with you

Which means you should be providing a safe environment in which these people can go about their work and implications of the companies working practices should not be felt by the general public.

Questions to ask yourself include:
• Do I have enough knowledge to organise work for health and safety?
• Have I thought this through and implemented good health and safety procedures and checks?

You have responsibility to cooperate with your employer, for example:
• following company rules
• wearing personal protective equipment
• reporting accidents and unsafe practices.

If you are a supervisor you mustn’t turn a blind eye to unsafe behaviour.

Health and safety practitioner
You have a legal duty to provide fit-for-purpose advice. Courts have handed down penalties on consultants who have failed in their duty.

Ask yourself:
• Do I emphasise the need for people in organisations to take personal responsibility for the decisions they make and not just rely on written procedures and risk assessments?

More from the HSE: Getting specialist help with health and safety

If your position within your organisation deems that you are accountable for health and safety procedures, a good place to start could be with the NEBOSH General Certificate. This particular NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Safety and Health) qualification offered by Total Training Solutions covers a plethora of health and safety issues from policy and organisation to risk assessment, monitoring and control. The course progresses to look at accident investigation, manual handling and work equipment as well as electrical, fire, chemical and physical and psychological hazards.

This course is a must for anyone involved in the health and safety strategy of their organisation and can be booked through the Total Training Solutions website, www.tts-uk.com. Queries can be sent to info@tts-uk.com or answered by calling 0800 612 1299.

A full list of courses offered by Total Training Solutions can be found in their course directory.

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