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Does Sage Really Save Time and Money?

24 October 2011

When set up properly and used correctly, Sage Instant Accounts can’t be faulted on the level of detail and control it offers. Regularly record your transactions and the program will do the rest. Problems can arise when someone who is not trained attempts to use Sage software and does so incorrectly. Wrongly inputting data will result in unreliable results and ultimately, incorrect invoices and payments.

Efficient training will save a business time, money and stress. To become Sage qualified it is recommended you complete an official training course, like the ones offered by Total Training Solutions. Here a user will learn the basics of Sage capabilities such as bookkeeping and purchase ledger duties, through to more complex forecasting tasks.

The initial layout for the software and training is an investment for any company. Sage products are the market leaders in accountancy software in the UK and are used by the self employed, small start-up businesses, through to large scale organisations. Multiple departments can benefit from a Sage product; payroll and HR, credit controllers and sales teams. Applications in other fields such as CRM and sales increase Sage’s reach and position as market leaders. The value they bring to a company in terms of instant and accurate data, stats, reporting and forecasting cannot be overstated. The time and money taken to produce documents, reports, tax bills, invoices and payments manually wouldn’t be feasible in today’s corporate climate and with the addition of cloud computing and mobile working, the need for greater and more efficient working has never been greater. Developments such as Sage CRM for iPhone mean information is immediately to-hand in client meetings and can be the difference between customer satisfaction and discontent.

Explore our full range of Sage training courses by visiting our course directory. To enquire about or book a course you can call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com.

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