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Earning potential with a PRINCE2 qualification

14 February 2014

PRINCE2 is the leading project management resource on the market and is recognised globally. As a result, a qualification in PRINCE2 can have multiple financial benefits both for individuals and organisations.

Individuals with PRINCE2 qualifications are highly sought after in today’s job market. Rarely are project management job opportunities advertised without a preferred qualification in PRINCE2. Due to the fact that the methodology is so widely used within the government sector, it is highly regarded and widely known, and even a basic knowledge or fundamental qualification can secure an interview. The qualification shows your potential employer that you have up-to-date project management skills, which will therefore save them money training you and also give them peace of mind that you will carry out an efficient project.

A PRINCE2 qualification from Total Training Solutions is the ideal choice for everyone in the project management sector. Whether you’re a recent project management graduate, or you have worked in the sector for years, a PRINCE2 qualification can be of benefit to you. Due to the fact that PRINCE2 knowledge is now often required by potential employers, and sometimes even preferred over experience, a qualification can bring older, more experienced project managers up to speed. It can show your potential employer that as well as being experienced in the sector, you are also knowledgeable in more contemporary practices and are not stuck using tired and outdated methods. On the other hand, for recent graduates, a PRINCE2 qualification can be the ideal move from academic study, to practical knowledge. It shows employers that you don’t just know the theory, you’re also adept in how to utilise it on real projects.

PRINCE2 can also benefit entire companies and organisations. For smaller, independent companies, a recognised qualification can provide credibility and demonstrate a controlled and organised structure, ensuring good communication and staff competence at all levels. It promises an ability to manage risks effectively and a focus on the aims of the project.

Whether it is a fundamental qualification, or something more advanced, a PRINCE2 qualification is essential for anyone in the project management sector. The cost of the course is a solid investment due to the potential to advance you in your career. With more and more employers opting for a candidate who looks good on paper, with relevant training and qualifications rather than experience, PRINCE2 has become a yardstick against which to measure candidates - a knowledge which is globally recognised and understood.

To learn more about the PRINCE2 courses and qualifications available from Total Training Solutions, contact us today. You can call us on 0800 612 1299 or message us through our website. You can view the full range of PRINCE2 courses, or browse everything Total Training Solutions has to offer on our website.

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