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Fire Health and Safety

25 November 2013

It is the duty of all managerial and supervisory staff to ensure an organisation is covered in the event of a fire. This involves knowing correct protocol, making sure staff members are aware of how to react in the event of a fire, and being able to carry out risk assessments and spotting potential hazards or where protective measures may be required.

Fire is one danger which all organisations, businesses and companies need to be prepared for, which is why Total Training Solution offer the NEBOSH Fire Certificate. The qualification is delivered by Phoenix Health and Safety, an accredited NEBOSH provider, so you know that you, your colleagues or your employees are getting the most professional certification possible.

By preparing your staff to react correctly in the event of a fire, your company or organisation will avoid many personal injuries and material damages. However in addition to these obvious benefits, investing in this specific fire safety qualification for you or your workers may also result in reduced economic outgoings. Fewer days lost from staff on sick leave, fewer payouts and fewer expenses for repairing the damage caused by fire at your place of work will aid your organisation economically, potentially saving you money in the long-term.

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate from Total Training Solutions is also a potential benefit for people wishing to move higher up the career ladder. Managers and supervisors now spend a lot of time on health and safety, and having a prior knowledge of this can give you the upper hand. Furthermore, if you own your own company, a fire safety certificate can add value to your business, demonstrating professionalism and proactivity in the event of an emergency - a desirable trait if your job involves working in people’s homes, such as building, contracting or electrical work.

There is no excuse to not provide your workers a good quality fire training when it will result in a safer workplace. An affordable investment in 5 days of training will make a big difference and reward you with numerous long term benefits.

If you’re interested in a Fire Certificate for you, your team or your business, contact Total Training Solutions today to discuss NEBOSH’s Fire Certificate. You can call us with any questions on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via our website. Alternatively, feel free to browse our course directory to view the full range of courses available.

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