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Health and Safety

08 November 2013

With health and safety becoming a growing concern to corporate organisations in the 21st century, proficient training for all employees is essential. While almost all companies now provide training for shop workers, waitresses, factory workers etc, it is important to remember that workers at all levels can benefit from health and safety training. NEBOSH offers training aimed at managers, supervisors and other staff from all organisations who wish to educate themselves in health and safety and certify their knowledge.

Total Training Solutions offer a variety of NEBOSH health and safety courses, including situation specific training as well as more general certifications such as the National General Certificate. This course is an excellent choice for those wanting a broad yet thorough overview of health and safety protocol, as it allows for further education whilst also being held in high regard as a workplace safety qualification. The qualification covers areas such as risk assessment, hazards, handling and controlling work equipment and emergency action - making it applicable to many different workplaces, suiting most organisations.

Health and safety training carries with it a number of benefits. As well as the obvious reduced risk of injury, having a certificate in health and safety measures can also be beneficial to your business economically. A reduction in accidents results in lower staff absences and fewer payouts and legal action threats, as well as increasing productivity from workers, therefore generating greater profits. In addition, health and safety certificates are now synonymous with a reputable organisation and can result in a better relationship with investors, partners and customers. Finally, health and safety training can bring a team together, with every worker, regardless of position, looking out for one another and acknowledging the part they play in making the workplace a safer place to be.

Investing in a health and safety course for your organisation has multiple long-term benefits for the cost of only 11 days training and an affordable fee. Our NEBOSH courses are all delivered by accredited NEBOSH training providers - so you know you’re getting the most professional certification possible for your organisation.

If you’re interested in a general health and safety course for you, your team or your business, contact Total Training Solutions today to discuss NEBOSH’s National General Certificate. You can call us with any questions on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via our website. Alternatively, feel free to browse our course directory to view the full range of courses available.

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