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How are the PRINCE2 examinations structured?

27 September 2011

Any organisation offering PRINCE2 training courses must be accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM) Group. The APM set out strict examination guidelines that training providers must adhere to.

The structure of PRINCE2 examinations are two-fold. A candidate can choose to sit a course, like the ones offered by Total Training Solutions, and examination or they can teach themselves the course content and then sit the exam via an Open Centre. Your learning style will dictate your studying preference but the advantages of studying with an Accredited Training Organisation include supported learning and the guidance of a qualified teacher.

The PRINCE2 courses offered by Total Training Solutions include separate Foundation and Practitioner options, a five day combined course and even a Virtual Classroom PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course amongst others. The advantage of the Virtual course allows the participant to study in their own environment and is spread out over five to six weeks, ending in the Practitioner exam. The course combines the best of trainer led workshops and independent learning as the webinars can be taken around other commitments and has the advantage of allowing time between modules for content to be digested before the next week.

The PRINCE2 Foundation examination is made up of 75 multiple choice questions. Five questions are trials and the exam mark is out of 70. A 50% score is needed to pass the course meaning 35 points are required. The Practitioner course consists of 9 questions, each worth 12 marks. Of the 108 marks available, 59 (55%) are needed to pass the exam. The exam is 2.5 hours long and it is an open book exam.

The Foundation course MUST be passed before a candidate can sit the Practitioner course. It is possible that both exams can be sat on the same day or, more commonly, on separate dates. If taking the TTS five day combined course, the Foundation exam is sat in the afternoon on the third day. There is then the option to sit the Practitioner exam on the final day or at a later date. If picking a later date, the delegate also has the choice to differ the final two days of the course too.

An advantage of taking a combined PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course mean both exams can be sat in the same week. If this is the case, a Practitioner Certificate will be received, but not a Foundation Certificate. As you cannot sit the Practitioner exam without first having passed the Foundation, it is not necessary to send a separate Foundation Certificate.

The PRINCE2 Qualification Scheme is based on Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 - 2009 Edition.

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