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How do we get young people into the IT industry?

23 September 2010

The injection of young talent is increasingly important in ensuring the growth of industry sectors. Britain boasts a wealth of law, accounting and business professionals but forecasts have suggested that shortages in the IT sector continue to be the case with more and more young people opting to take a different profession.

With technology everywhere around us and the use of it growing each day, a career in IT should surely be in demand? With many people using technology on a daily basis at work, in education and at home, technology is now viewed as an essential skill needed rather then something to build a career on. For many young people the low level of tutoring at their educational institution may have not been a prime motivation to move into the industry, also the mixed reviews about IT apprentice jobs which have turned out to be electronic filing and administrative duties rather than a career to build on.

There is also the case of being under-qualified in the skills needed to pursue a career in the ‘real world’ IT industry as we work in today. Qualifications such as CiscoHTMLXML and SEO are qualifications that are valuable in the workplace today. The qualifications would increase the opportunity for young people to achieve recognised qualifications which the work place now demands.

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