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How to Fight Back Cyber Security Crime

11 August 2016

How to Fight Back Cyber Security Crime in your business – Are you ready?
The global problem of Cyber Security is a worry to all companies. In the UK whilst Cyber Crime is on the increase due to cloud, mobile computing and the Internet, the professional Cyber Security skill sets are lagging behind. Following a joint study undertaken recently by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, 75% of IT Specialists in the UK believe there is a shortage in cyber security talent.
Companies throughout are struggling to recruit and maintain a expert pool of cyber security professionals and many believe that this has added to the upsurge in hacking incidents as the hackers know that some companies’ cyber security is not strong enough to cope.
A safe cyber security environment requires a robust workforce. Companies need to act quickly to fix the problem by looking to the future this skills shortage can be abated with improvements in education, staff diversity, training opportunities, security technology and data collection. A synchronised effort is fundamental to overcome the cyber threats and create the more secure environment that business requires.

If you need to upgrade your skills we offer a comprehensive range of training courses, including the CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional course. You can find out more about our complete range of courses via our website. Please call us on 01423 790107 or email info@tts-uk.com to book your place or if you have any questions about any of our courses.


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