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How to make your bid and tender writing stand out from the crowd

22 November 2012

As discussed in last week’s article, one of the top five mistakes made in bid and tender writing is failure to understand the client’s needs. The flipside of this, though, is that if you manage to avoid this error, it will not only make your bid or tender a good one, it will make it an excellent one which stands out from the crowd.

So, picture this scenario: you have written your bid or tender to an excellent standard, providing detailed evidence, presented it clearly and made sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. But how do you make sure that it will be a winner?

In this situation, the best thing to do is to take a break and come back to it later. When you do come back to it, put yourself in the shoes of someone who has already read 30-40 similar documents. Start thinking about things that could make your document memorable and engaging. Make it interesting for the reader and ensure that your bid or tender answers every possible question that they might have.

While it may be easy to get just anybody to check through your bid or tender to identify mistakes, the best way to test how interesting the writing style is is to get somebody to read it who has not been involved with the bid or tender at all. Furthermore, you could let this person know what questions need to be answered and they can tell you whether the bid or tender answers them.

Above all, tailor the bid or tender to the specific needs of the client and put yourself in their shoes. If you combine this with interesting and engaging writing and a little bit of luck (after all, there are no guarantees) you should be onto a winner.

Are you looking to improve your bid and tender writing skills? Give Total Training Solutions a call on 0800 612 1299 and find the right course for you or one of your employees. Alternatively contact us via, email: info@tts-uk.com.

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