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Introduction to Six Sigma

09 October 2013

Six Sigma is a popular set of strategies, methods, and tools used to improve process efficiency within a company. The strategy is designed to identify and remove causes of defects and implement a Six Sigma infrastructure.

At Total Training Solutions, we offer a Lean Six Sigma Awareness course in order to introduce Six Sigma to an organisation. This will give participants an understanding of Six Sigma theory and practice, and the basic knowledge needed to support the application of Six Sigma in the workplace. Six Sigma targets areas of the operation that are inefficient and therefore affecting the overall business performance - focusing on issues such as reducing cycle process time, reducing pollution, reducing costs or increasing customer satisfaction. Using statistical methods taught in the Total Training Solutions courses, these areas are then methodically worked through to ensure a maximum input to output ratio is achieved.

However, taking on board a Six Sigma strategy is worthless, if those implementing it are not qualified in these methods. Total Training Solutions provide a range of courses for those wishing to bring their business up to a Six Sigma standard of efficiency. From Lean Six Sigma Awareness to Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt, Total Training Solutions can ensure your team is qualified to implement the Six Sigma strategy - allowing your business to waste less time and therefore generate more profit.

To browse our full range of Six Sigma courses, take a look at our course catalogue. For more information on Six Sigma, or any other Total Training Solutions courses, contact us on 0800 612 1299 or via our website.

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