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iOS 6 SDK - Development training at your fingertips...

31 October 2012

With Apple’s new operating system, comes new challenges and opportunities for those who are looking to deliver content to iPhone and iPad users. From hardware advances brought about by the iPhone 5 (4 inch retina display and the superfast A6 chip) to new software features like Passbook, it is important for developers to make sure their content works with iOS 6, firstly. And, secondly, to ensure that the content makes the most of the new operating system.

With the addition of many new features to iOS 6, there are more ways for businesses to distribute apps to customers. The new Map SDK allows people to create apps that can make use of the new and improved Maps function on iOS 6. For example, an app that informs people of bus or walking routes will do so through iOS 6 Maps.

With Facebook now being completely integrated into the iPhone 5, it is now easier to create apps that can link back to Facebook and Pass Kit allows companies that sell tickets etc. to build e-tickets for use in Passbook. With the Game Kit it is now easier to make all of your games multiplayer by incorporating a high-score system through Facebook, and on the iPhone 5, the high speeds provided by 4G will allow better support for peer-to-peer gaming.

With in-App purchase, Apple now support the ability for users to purchase items from within apps that they are using. This provides a great way for app developers to bring in more revenue by enabling people to purchase other apps by the same company more easily.

If you’re looking to train in developing apps for iOS 6, take a look at our Apple OS X training courses and give us a call on: 0800 612 1299 or email: info@tts-uk.com.

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