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Is having Prince2 Foundation sufficient enough in securing a job?

10 April 2012

 Want to pursue a career in Project Management? Thinking of taking a PRINCE2 certificate to get you on your way? Most people start with the PRINCE2 Foundation certificate and this makes sense, but is it enough to get you a job in the field?

Like all careers and chosen job paths, experience is king. Certificates and qualifications backup your level of theory and commitment to a given subject but experience is where the skill lies. Try doing some project management work in your current role and ask your PM if you can help him/her out with some tasks. This will not only build up your experience but should also be recognised by your employer as a pro-active step to self-development and could well lead to a promotion or pay-rise.

A PRINCE2 Foundation certificate will certainly strengthen your appeal to potential employers when applying for a PM job, particularly when pitched against those with no relevant qualifications. However, as the title suggests, this is a foundation course and one that should be built upon with subsequent qualifications. As you progress in your PM career and gain relevant experience, taking the next level exam and qualification should go hand-in-hand.

Training providers such as Total Training Solutions offer many Project Management and PRINCE2 courses from beginner, through to advanced and combined courses. The PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course offers all the essential skills and information you would learn on a Foundation only course but combines it with the next level Practitioner skill-set to get you well on your PM career path. Through Total Training Solutions, this course is available to self-funders, making it particularly attractive to those looking for their first PM qualification. The evening class option suggests the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course is well suited to those who need a more flexible study programme to get them started in their PM career.

For a full list of courses available from Total Training Solutions, you can view the Course Directory. To book a course or if you have any questions, email info@tts-uk.com or call 0800 612 1299.

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