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Is it best to focus on price when shopping for a PRINCE2 course?

28 February 2014

When shopping around for a PRINCE2 course, there are three factors which should be considered: price, accessibility and course type.

A PRINCE2 course is an investment. PRINCE2 is a highly sought after qualification which can further careers, allowing you to make your money back by working up the career ladder. However, for many a less expensive course would be preferable. Total Training Solutions’ PRINCE2 courses are affordable at a middle-of-the-road cost. Our Foundation course is £549 and Practitioner course, £495. With educational courses, you get what you pay for, and our prices guarantee professional and efficient learning, whilst still being inexpensive enough for most to afford. The project management sector is a very lucrative one, with project administrators earning potentially up to £25,000 and project directors at the top of the ladder earning up to £75,000. A PRINCE2 qualification can help you exponentially in succeeding in this sector, meaning the course will soon pay for itself.

The second factor to be considered when shopping for a PRINCE2 course is accessibility. Total Training Solutions operate at any of 37 training centres across the UK, from Aberdeen to Exeter, and offer the most comprehensive training schedule in the UK with over 800 trainers. We also offer virtual learning and elearning in an increasing number of our courses, including PRINCE2, for those with a busier schedule. We believe that you should be able to be get the most concise and efficient learning experience possible, which is why our PRINCE2 courses differ from many by only spanning two or three days rather than a week or two, so you don’t have to put your life on hold.

Finally, when choosing a PRINCE2 course, it is essential to know the type of course which works for you. The 2 main types of PRINCE2 courses are Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation course is a perfect first step for those who are interested in a project management career. The course covers the main principles of PRINCE2, as well as the structure of the methodology and how the method can be tailored to different environments and projects. The Practitioner course is the next step up and tests candidates’ ability to put the method into practice. However, Total Training Solutions goes above and beyond these basic qualifications, also offering combined courses, BSC certificates for PRINCE2 practitioners and courses using Agile with PRINCE2, taking the advantages of both methods for an even more beneficial and efficient project management solution.

If you’re considering taking a course in PRINCE2, Total Training Solutions can help. We offer expert service in all areas - price, accessibility and choice - meaning you have the greatest amount of options and flexibility when achieving your new qualification, as well as being guaranteed a professional learning experience. You can check out all the Total Training Solutions training locations, and the full list of the qualifications and training we offer. If you have any queries, contact us today on 0800 612 1299 or through our contact form.

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