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Is project management the key to economic recovery?

01 August 2012

Business secretary Vince Cable MP claims that project management could, indeed, be the key to reviving the British economy. The ability to deliver projects on time and on budget is clearly important in keeping your head above water in this difficult time. However, Cable’s argument suggests that good project management can do more than just keep your business ticking over.

He used the Olympic Park as an example of the powerful positive effects that excellent project management can have, and also stated that we British are more efficient project managers than we give ourselves credit for. If he is correct, we need to place more emphasis on project management and use it as a tool that can help work towards reviving the economy.

“It is no good hoping that random, individual brilliance will suffice. The Chinese, the Russians, the Germans and others have taught us that without organisation, planning and training our achievements are likely to be modest.”

Cable’s words can be applied to all types of project management from a small scale assignment to a large, time-consuming government project. Therefore it is important for project managers from all walks of life to perform well. Not just for the sake of their own companies, but for the entire economy. Sticking to budgets and time constraints can now be seen as a powerful tool rather than an inconvenience that a project manager has to work around.

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