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ITIL v3 Credit System explained

14 October 2010

A credit system has been introduced to support the ITIL V3 qualifications. From the V3 qualification to the earlier V1 & V2 schemes, the credit system shows recognition of investment the candidate has put in to the ITIL scheme.

The credit scores work by assigning a score to each of the ITIL qualifications upon completion of each module. From the foundation through to the expert scheme a credit score is added together and totalled up in an individual credit profile.

Individuals need to achieve a certain number of credit scores in order to pursue certain ITIL qualifications. The expert qualification in particular requires a minimum of 22 credits from previous modules.

ITIL V3 Credit scores

From building up a credit score candidates can achieve a higher level of qualification and eventually master using ITIL in the workplace. The modules are designed to give a clear insight into using ITIL in the workplace and significantly improving their career prospects.

ITIL V3 training credit profiler diagram

Figure 1 – Official ITIL Credit Profiler

For more information on ITIL credits or modules give us a call on 0800 612 1299.

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