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Microsoft announce release date for Windows 8

28 August 2012

Windows 8 is coming - 26th October 2012 is the date for your diary!

Microsoft will launch their new OS system, an update described by the company as “the most important redesign of its interface in more than a decade.

By far its most attractive feature is the touch-controlled interface known as Metro. It helps bring a fresh look and feel to OS functionality with Windows 8 appearing more like a mobile device with personalised apps dominating the desktop.

This is a conscious move by Microsoft to place itself in the thick of the tablet revolution. Traditionally making software to install on PCs and operate computer networks, Microsoft has had to adjust its focus to the online software and storage and mobile device markets which are undoubtedly the future of personal and business IT.

Windows 8 is a single system that can power both desktop PCs and mobile devices - allowing programs to work on both. Further to this movement, Microsoft has also announced its own hardware - the Surface tablet - to compete with other companies' products.

More about Metro
The tile-based applications run in full-screen or in docked modes and can share information between each other. They will only be available through the Windows Store.

The traditional desktop environment for running desktop applications is accessed via a tile on the new Start screen. The Start button has been removed from the taskbar in favour of a Start button on the new charm bar, as well as a hotspot in the bottom-left corner. Both open the new Start screen, which replaces the Start menu.

Other features include:
Internet Explorer 10 is included as a desktop program and touch-optimized app.

Picture password and PIN log-in authentication methods have been added.

Doing away with Windows Live ID, it is now possible to log into Windows using a Microsoft account. This allows the user's profile and settings to be synced via the web and accessible from other computers running Windows 8. Integration with SkyDrive is also possible.

Using hibernation technology in Hybrid Boot, Windows core memory is saved in the hard disk and reloaded upon boot allowing faster start-up times.

Windows 8 Enterprise can boot and run from a bootable USB device, flash drive and the like via Windows To Go.

File Explorer will have its own ribbon toolbar and file operation has been improved with the ability to pause transfers and better manage conflicts when copying files.

Refresh and Reset recovery - Refresh restores all Windows files to their original state while keeping settings, files, and apps, Reset takes the computer back to factory default settings.

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