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Microsoft Office 2013 Revealed

06 September 2012

For this first time Microsoft is aiming its predominantly business tool at personal users, families and students as well as the professional market.

Microsoft have found 60% of people use the same device to receive both personal and work-based information and as a result have developed Office 2013 which allows for easier integration of your home and work life.

The new version has all the features you know and expect from a business application but with some noticeable advancements. Updates ensure Word, Outlook, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint work with the touch interface and across multiple synced devices; phones, tablets, PC’s and the like. This integration allows your business life to coordinate with your home life; keeping you in touch at all times (should you want to be of course).

Synced editing and saving means you can work on a document on your PC and reopen it later on your phone or tablet and carry on where you left off. Furthermore Word can now edit PDF’s and embed YouTube links more easily and all Office programmes will integrate with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage system.

Enhanced presentation modes in Outlook and PowerPoint contribute to a more satisfactory usability. Outlook can now be layered to feature the whole family of apps on one screen; view your email and on the same screen view highlights in your calendar and contacts. Add-on apps can go one step further and scan emails, detect addresses, suggest meetings and schedule appointments.

PowerPoint can now be projected to a screen from one device and the notes read from another.

OneNote adopts handwriting recognition. The touch interface means you can adjust font sizes etc with your fingers as opposed to mouse or keypad.

Continuing the social media revolution, MS has developed social business tools allowing users to ‘follow’ colleagues and documents and tasks as they might follow friends or brands on Facebook or Twitter.

The new Office features will also be available on the new Nokia Windows Phone 8 which was launched only yesterday (Wednesday 5th September 2012).

The main drawback of Office 2013 is that it only works on Windows 7. For many businesses and home users with older versions of Windows, XP and the like, it will mean an initial outlay for a new PC.

To learn more about Office and the larger Microsoft family including Windows, Exchange and Outlook please visit our course directory. To book you place on the course that is right for you call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com with any questions you may have.

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