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Microsoft release NEW Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Courses and Certifications

07 February 2013

In January Microsoft released their new Technology Associate (or MTA) courses and certifications to go along with them. What does this mean for the IT industry and the skills that people can acquire?

It has been noted by many people in the industry that there have not been enough certifications dedicated to fundamental IT and development skills, with many courses focusing on more complex aspects of IT, aimed at those who already possess a certain level of IT knowledge and expertise. The new MTA courses and certifications however should fill this gap.

Unlike the more advanced Microsoft certifications the new MTA courses are for those who are looking for an entry point into the world of Microsoft technology. In other words, if you have no experience or knowledge whatsoever this is the starting point for you. Furthermore, the courses cover a wide range of IT skills from the most tech-savvy end of the spectrum, to non-technical IT project management.

While the new courses will give people the chance to gain a basic certification for their CV, they also provide a stepping stone towards the more advanced Microsoft qualifications. A stepping stone that many believe was not there before the new MTA emerged.

This has major implications for businesses. Should your business require somebody to have basic knowledge of Microsoft technology, there is no longer any need to find somebody new. With the new MTA courses, any employee, regardless of their IT experience can become knowledgeable in at least the basics.

If you or one of your employees is keen to acquire knowledge and expertise in the area of Microsoft technology, please call Total Training Solutions today on 0800 612 1299, or contact us via the website.

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