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New updates from HSE

22 May 2012

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is constantly reviewing and up-dating its policies and processes. During HSE’s normal activities of inspection, investigation and dealing with complaints, they will come across information that needs to be passed on either to a wide audience or to a specific group or sector of industry. HSE will use the most appropriate means to do this whether it be in the form of an information notice or through a range of media which will ensure the message is received by those who need to take action. Most information is passed on via:

Safety Alerts
Safety alerts are for major faults that would result in a serious or fatal injury and where immediate remedial action is required.

Safety Notices
A safety notice is usually issued to facilitate a change in procedure or it requires an action to be undertaken to improve the level of protection or instruction in a potentially dangerous situation. It must be acted upon within a reasonable time, if a time period is not stated. It is not as immediate as a safety alert.

The HSE send out regular bulletins, which you can sign up to receive to communicate updates. The most recent of which details updates to the window safety for health and social care providers.
The HSE also looks at cases of accidents in the workplace as they come to court where existing guidelines may be reviewed to see if any alterations need to be made in light of a ruling. The HSE communicate these trails on their website. One such recent case saw an electrical and mechanical contractor prosecuted because an apprentice electrician sustained serious back injuries including three fractures to his vertebrae as well as cuts and bruising, after falling through a ceiling at work.

The case found the company had failed to carry out a specific risk assessment and failed to ensure that measures were put in place to reduce risk of a fall. After breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 in relation to the accident, the company have faced a fine of £5,000 and a further £5,156 in costs.

Following this incident the company have now put risk assessment forms in place to avoid future accidents and to make their workplace safer. This also helps them comply with relevant health and safety legislation.

Following these sort of accidents, the HSE has recently embarked on a campaign to reduce injuries in the construction sector, where falls from heights are relatively a common occurrence.
Within the workplace there are many dangers and employers are liable to ensure that all workers are safe from harm or aware of any dangers around them. It is also an employer’s responsibility to make sure that employees are aware of all health and safety procedures to keep accidents to a bare minimum.

To ensure that your employees are safe or to understand what you could do to make your workforce safer, why not enrol onto one of the training courses offered by Total Training Solutions. The NEBOSH General Certificate is split into two sections and covering health & safety management and controlling workplace hazards.

To book call the Total Training Solutions team today on 0800 612 1299 or email us at info@tts-uk.com.

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