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Prince2 Blended Learning Course Launched

30 July 2010

By blending the PRINCE2 Foundation eLearning module together with the Practitioner workshops, Total Training Solutions have made it possible for candidates to take both PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner modules in one easy package.

Who is it for?

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments and is a process-based method for effective project management. PRINCE2 trained professionals are used extensively by the UK Government and PRINCE2 training is widely recognised in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally.

This makes it ideal for those seeking a career as a project management professional and gives you the qualifications you need to work effectively in high quality project teams. Many leading organisations make PRINCE2 certification a requirement for all of their project staff.

How does the e-learning package work?

When you book our PRINCE2 Training eLearning module you will be given access to the course materials via a unique access key. As you study the course materials you will be able to test yourself with the on-line testing system and have access to a PRINCE2 training expert via email should you need assistance or have any questions.

After successfully completing the tests you will be able to take the full PRINCE2 Foundation exam. This then leads onto the workshops of the PRINCE2 Practitioner course.

The PRINCE2 Course Workshops

In order to become a full PRINCE2 Practitioner you must complete a second exam and our 2 days of workshops will guide you through to the successful completion of this exam.

Day 1 concentrates on different exam topics and questions so you can try them in a training situation before moving on to the exam itself.

Day 2 involves sitting the exam and is designed to show that a candidate has a thorough understanding of PRINCE2 theory, practices and application for different project scenarios.

For full details of this excellent new IT training package please read the full course outline here: http://www.tts-uk.com/course/prince2-r-2009-foundation-and-practitioner.aspx.

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