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Project management careers

02 October 2013

Project Manager is an excellent position to aim for if you’re planning on working your way up the career ladder through hard work, rather than through academic study. However, with this position comes great responsibility. Skills in leadership and group management are essential and a qualification from Total Training Solutions can improve both your career and your confidence in your sector.

We have both site management and site supervision qualifications for those responsible for groups of staff or workforce. With a focus on health and safety, these courses encompass issues such as legal responsibility, welfare, environmental issues and risk assessments. Whether you’re starting out as a site manager or attempting to advance to a higher level, we have a course to suit you. Both courses are affordable and take less than a week to complete, meaning they’re more time and cost effective than university.

In our environmentally conscious society, more and more companies are looking for alternative ways to make their business more “green”. In addition to reducing their carbon dioxide emissions, “green” strategies are also cost effective, saving the company money in the long term. IT is currently the sector many businesses are focusing on turning “green” due to the high levels of energy used in running computers. We offer a number of courses in Green IT, focusing on utilising Green IT strategy and the political, environmental and social benefits of a more energy efficient computing department. As a popular strategy amongst corporations, these courses could be beneficial to any potential project manager, who may be tasked with reducing the company’s CO2 emissions.

For a look at our full range of courses, take a look at our course catalogue. For more information on project management or any other Total Training Solution course, contact us on 0800 612 1299 or via our website.

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