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Project Management Knowledge v. Technical Knowledge

10 July 2012

Project Managers are mutli-taskers, often managing various responsibilities and team members at one time to complete a project. To do this the PM will flit between their project management knowledge and their technical knowledge of the sector, industry or project type.

These lines can blur but a good project manager will know when to use his PM expertise and when his technical know-how should take over. PM skills are primarily introduced at the beginning of a project when structures, practices and objectives are put into place. In the event of a problem arising during the project; unexpected results or underperformance from one of the project team for example, it is then that the PM’s technical skill will kick in to resolve the situation.

It’s important to tread carefully here, as the leadership role of a PM demands certain behaviour. Instinct from previous experience will kick-in to come up with a solution to and get the project back on track with the minimum of fuss but as the person in charge you will need to use your PM knowledge to best guide the project as a whole through the setback . This may involve tweaking working practices, responsibilities, deadlines, budgets or objectives.

Some PM industry experts believe the process of working at one extreme, Technical or PM, is typical of junior PM’s and those new to an organisation as they haven’t yet developed their management style or learnt the new companies way of working yet.

To get your PM knowledge up to scratch and ensure you are equipped with a recognised qualification, why not complete a Project Management course from Total Training Solutions? There are a number of programme options for you to pick from including PRINCE2 and APM certificates. If you’re unsure which certificate route is the right one for you take a look at our handy PM Qualifications blog post, email us at info@tts-uk.com or call 0800 612 1299.

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