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Sage CRM for iPhone – Sage Goes Mobile!

12 October 2011

With the rise of the Smartphone and an App for just about everything, it was only a matter of time before Sage went mobile! With the increasing need for mobile CRM access for sales teams on the road, at exhibitions and in client meetings, Sage CRM for iPhone is a welcomed edition to the family.

The handy App has been designed to equip sales teams with the necessary tools to enable them to do their job effectively in today's demanding business environment. Having mobile access to critical customer information can help drive revenue and keep customers satisfied.

Sage CRM for the iPhone delivers a rich user experience and provides the user with access to vital real-time customer data while on the move; increased sales and service effectiveness, lead and opportunity management, managing cases and customer issues can be assessed at every stage of the sales cycle.

Features of the mobile CRM programme include the Search Select Advanced (SSA) control. This can be added to the ‘find’ and ‘entry’ screens to make searching and data entry easier. Two SSA fields can also be linked together, for example allowing a user to view people that are associated with the company that they have selected when they have both a Company and Person SSA control on a ‘find’ screen.

The link to Google Maps allows the users Person and Company summary screens to look for any address fields on the screen and use the values to build up a location. Results will open in a new window enabling you to get directions to the address from your current location.

Sage CRM for iPhone also takes advantage of the 'click-to-dial' feature which enables users to call contacts directly from any Sage CRM record.

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