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07 September 2011

Scrum is an iterative, incremental approach to project management and a part of the Agile methodology system. The Scrum theory was originally designed for managing product development projects, however it is now commonly used on the management of software development projects. It can also be used to run software maintenance teams or as a general project/program management approach, both IT and non-technical.

A Scrum project needs a ‘Scrum Master’ or project manager who oversees the whole process, a ‘Product Owner’ who works on behalf of the client and sets the tasks and objectives and a ‘Team’, made up of individuals and organisations who carry out the work to complete the project.

This Scrum framework runs on a cycle basis. It begins with initial planning stages where objectives and actions are agreed by all those involved with the project and put in the ‘backlog’ and ends with the deployment of the project. In between there are repeated cycles or ‘sprints’ (iterative) made up of the agreed actions from the backlog. There are an infinite number of sprints in the cycle and will continue until the backlog is empty and the project completed.

The Scrum cycle system allows businesses to take in and assess the development of the project on a step-by-step basis (incremental). By learning from earlier parts of the process the team can modify their approach before deciding on and undertaking the next phase. The Scrum structure allows for changes by the client at any stage of the project. Although sprint actions are frozen in the planning meetings, there is regular opportunity for objectives and actions to be altered at the end of a cycle without affecting the running of the overall project.

The Scrum Practitioner course offered by Total Training Solutions guides you through the simple Agile approach, from the basic theories to the more complex areas such as Scrum Artefacts and Scaling Scrum. The two day course is designed for all participants of a Scrum project; prospective Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Team members. To find out more about Scrum or any of our other courses email info@tts-uk.com or freephone 0800 612 1299.

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