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Six Sigma Black Belt

28 October 2013

 The next tier above Green Belt in the Six Sigma “belt” infrastructure is the Black Belt. The Black Belt team members lead the efficiency projects and are also qualified to train and coach teams in the Six Sigma strategy.

A qualification to certify you as an official Black Belt under the Six Sigma system is not only advantageous but in fact essential for many managerial positions across the globe. It demonstrates a professional knowledge of the Six Sigma strategy, company efficiency and team management. Black Belts are often expected to prepare project charters, lead teams, coordinate logistics and provide Sigma Six training, coaching and guidance, as well as demonstrating top level managerial capability. A qualification such as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Total Training Solutions indicates this level of ability - teaching higher members of staff how to implement the Sigma Six strategy and build on their pre-existing skills to a gold standard. Recognised the world over, the course is run over a period that suits your business, and is a quick and simple way of improving the efficiency of your business.

Alongside this course is the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course. The Master Black Belt takes on further leadership responsibilities within the Six Sigma programme, as an advisor to executive or business unit managers. The course develops experienced Black Belts’ skills and teaches them how to successfully and effectively manage and lead at a higher level. For Black Belts who wish to take on more responsibility and work their way higher up the Six Sigma ladder, this course is a time and cost efficient way to build on their previous experience within the “belt” structure and take on new challenges.

These roles are at the highest level within the Six Sigma project infrastructure. By having qualified Black Belts and Master Black Belts, a Six Sigma structured company can improve their efficiency and, subsequently, their outgoing costs through smart management, leadership and training. As a manager, a Black Belt or Master Black Belt qualification sets you apart from those without - demonstrating top notch managerial skills and an ability to integrate into and lead in a Six Sigma organisation.

If you want to improve the efficiency of your business and believe your managerial staff could benefit from Six Sigma training, or indeed if you want to enhance your own prospects, contact Total Training Solutions for more information on 0800 612 1299 or via our website. Alternatively, visit our course directory to view our entire range of courses.

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