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Six Sigma Champions and Executives

01 November 2013

Every professional project needs organisational support. While Six Sigma Belts work on the project at hand at different levels, Champions and Executives have a more behind-the-scenes, managerial role. Working with the Black Belt (project leaders) Champions and Executives set the direction for new projects and work together to begin to put them into place. They may be required to develop project objectives, select team leaders, provide communication between team members and top management, help to manage budget, and assure that teams are on target and that Six Sigma strategy is being implemented correctly and efficiently.

Training at this level from Total Training Solutions takes only two days and is a cost efficient way of training members of staff in Six Sigma strategy to improve the efficiency of your business. Champions play a critical role in establishing strategy and maintaining it over the course of the project. Statistics show that it is when Six Sigma is implemented at a managerial level that organisations see the greatest outcome. Staff members implementing the structure at a higher level and ensuring that everyone is doing the job they are required to do prevents miscommunication and ensures a clear cut strategy for everyone to follow. It also aids communication between different “belts” and increases productivity.

By investing in Six Sigma training from Total Training Solutions at all levels - Green and Yellow Belt, Black Belt and Champions and Executives - you are investing in your business. Highly profitable companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and American Express all use the Six Sigma strategy to aid the efficiency of their business, prevent defects, ensure a faster turn around time and generate more profit. Six Sigma is one of the most revered organisation strategies in the world, and has tried and tested benefits. Training through Total Training Solutions means your organisation will be knowledgeable in the strategy in a matter of weeks, and in no time at all you could be decreasing your defects and cycle times and increasing your profits.

If you’re interested in implementing Six Sigma in your business, or alternatively, if you simply want to improve your career prospects by showing future employers your ability to fit into a Six Sigma organisation, contact Total Training Solutions today. We have a range of Six Sigma courses for personal or professional improvement, which you can find in our course catalogue. For more information, call us on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via our website.

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