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Six Sigma - Yellow and Green Belts

18 October 2013

As mentioned in the previous post, a unique feature of Six Sigma is the “belt” infrastructure it implements. By having Six Sigma professionals at every level of the business, each with their own roles, tasks and goals, projects can be completed efficiently, as every team has at least a primary knowledge of Six Sigma strategy.

The most basic level is the Yellow Belt. Yellow Belts are team members who assist in completing projects though not at a Green Belt or Black Belt level. Through teaching workers at this level - staff members, administrators, operations personnel, team members etc. - the Sigma Six strategy, it ensures all members of the team are working towards the same goal. There is little point in managers and executives aiming for company improvement, if the actual workers are unaware what goals they should be working towards. Total Training Solutions offer a Yellow Belt qualification for organisations who wish to educate their workers in Sigma Six strategy. The course covers Sigma Six basics, as well as elaborating on how the strategy can improve the workplace. Yellow Belts will be expected to think in a data-driven, cause-and-effect, manner and apply this to their work, all of which is taught through the cost-effective two day course.

Green Belts are one tier above, and these are the workers who traditionally implement projects and act as process leaders. Once qualified, professional staff, operational specialists, managers and executives are often the people who achieve Green Belt status. Through courses such as Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Manager by Total Training Solutions, these members of the team can learn how to support Black Belt workers and work on projects of their own. Green Belts are often expected to suggest new Sigma Six project ideas, lead process improvement projects and disseminate new tools and strategies, all of which can contribute to saving your business money.

Though lower down in the Sigma Six hierarchy of roles, these “belts” are essential to ensuring Sigma Six strategies and projects are implemented correctly in the workplace. If you’re thinking of improving the efficiency of your business and want to ensure all members of your team are knowledgeable in how to work towards the right goals at their level, contact Total Training Solutions for more information on 0800 612 1299 or via our website. Alternatively, visit our course catalogue to view our entire range of courses.

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