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Summer courses for creative arts students

24 July 2014

Earlier this year, the Telegraph called creative arts degrees ‘the business degree of the future’ and claimed that they are opening more doors than ever before. As technology expands and the opportunities for creative professionals become more diverse, creative degrees such as photography, graphic design and illustration are becoming increasingly popular. However, the field remains as competitive as ever, and many students and graduates are looking for opportunities and experience to give them an edge when they begin job hunting after university - this is where an additional creative qualification can help.

At the centre of every job application within the creative industry is your portfolio. Employers will consider this above all else, often choosing the right person for the job based on previous work. But with the job market as competitive as it is, these days a little something extra is also often needed. A certificate in your chosen skill can give employers peace of mind, demonstrating that not only do you have the artistic style required for the job, but also the commitment and technical skill. Having your abilities recognised by an esteemed organisation shows that you are a professional and guarantees employers an efficient and polished product. And of course, while you’re completing the training, you will be creating images which can also be used to fill your portfolio if you’re lacking experience.

The most common creative tools are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. If you’re studying a creative subject, the chances are you will have a certain level of skill in one or all of these programmes, but so will everyone else with a creative degree. Specialising in one of these programmes to the highest level can show employers that you are an expert in the software, guaranteeing a time and cost efficient service. You may also choose to specialise in creating a particular product - narrowing down your field of expertise even more. Alternatively, if there is a certain programme you are less proficient in, taking a course over the summer can be a great way to ensure your skills are consistent in all areas.

With so many young people now proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, taking a course in a lesser known creative program could also be useful. Tools such as Google Sketchup, Aperture or Wacom are less frequently mastered, and a qualification in one or several will demonstrate diversity. It will allow you to pursue careers at companies which use these programs, which could mean less competition for the role.

Of course, it’s not only aspiring graphic designers, photographers and illustrators who can benefit from taking a creative course this summer. Those looking to pursue a career in marketing, advertising or even publishing, could also benefit, as these positions often overlap with more creative roles. Having a basic knowledge of creative programs will allow you to excel in your field, and while these skills are not required, it will show that you are a creative thinker and able to undertake basic creative tasks such as web design or photography.

If you’re considering taking a creative course over the summer, contact Total Training Solutions today. Send us an enquiry at info@tts-uk.com or call us on 0800 612 1299 - you can also visit our course directory to browse all the qualifications we offer.

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