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Summer IT courses

10 July 2014

Last week we discussed the benefits of taking a course over the summer for university students and recent graduates. As well as being a productive way to spend your free time, gaining a widely recognised professional qualification can also give you a head start when looking for work after graduation - and many can even be completed alongside a summer job. But which course is right for you? This week, we’re discussing the options available to IT or technology students....

Summer courses can be a great way of getting to grips with a new operating system. Many universities courses specialise in one system only (usually Windows or OS X), however employers will expect versatility, so why not spend the summer refining your knowledge of the OS you are less familiar with? Taking a course in a more obscure system such as Linux can also impress potential employers, demonstrating that you have an arsenal of skills outside the two main operating systems. Alternatively, taking a course in the operating system you have the most confidence in could also be beneficial. Gaining an expert knowledge of one OS could be very impressive to an employer who exclusively uses that system, plus it shows that you have dedication and a passion for technology.

There are so many areas of IT to get involved in and while most university students prefer to specialise in the area they hope to go into as a career, a small amount of versatility can go a long way. Use the summer to branch out into something new. Studying to become an analyst or engineer? Perhaps try learning some basic coding or designing, whether this is HTML or something more complex. It might not be required for your future career, but it’s another skill to add to your CV, and is sure to come in useful. Employers are always eager to add people to their team with a range of skills, and you could even find you have a new hobby by the end of the course!

Another option is choosing to learn about a specific programme used by a large number of companies, such as Oracle or VSphere. These programmes are used in both the public and private sector (yet rarely taught as part of university degree programmes) and so knowledge of how the systems work is sure to impress. And of course, even if the company you apply for doesn’t use the programme, it shows that you are willing to learn, and the qualification will always be useful for future job searches.

To learn more about the IT related courses and qualifications we have to offer, visit our course directory or call us on 0800 612 1299. You can also email us at info@tts-uk.com for more information.

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