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The benefits of classroom learning

09 May 2014

Despite the recent popularity of online and virtual learning techniques, classroom learning still has its place in modern training courses. Many of the courses Total Training Solutions offer benefit greatly from a traditional learning environment and with over 800 trainers and 37 training centres across the UK, we still believe that classroom learning has numerous advantages…

Firstly, classroom learning allows for a multi-sensory learning experience. Whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, classroom learning will most likely work for you. Online or virtual learning can be very visual - with most of the material being taught by reading from a screen - which can make things difficult for those who prefer to learn in other ways. It also ensures face-to-face contact with an instructor which can not only make information easier to digest, but can also give students the chance to ask questions and engage with the person teaching them.

This social element is one reason that traditional learning still appeals to so many students. Many people find it easier to learn when they develop a relationship with their instructor or fellow students. Classroom learning encourages discussion - allowing students to bounce ideas off one another and learn from the questions others may have. These relationships can then come in useful outside of the classroom, as students can help each other with work done independently, unlike with online learning which can be a more isolated experience.

However, there are a few disadvantages to classroom learning as well. The structure of the course can lack flexibility. Classes are held at set times, and if a class is missed, it can be difficult to catch up. This can be problematic for those who don’t have the means to attend every class, especially if it requires travel which can be costly.

Classroom learning can also be detrimental to certain types of learners. The classroom structure does not encourage independent learning, which is the best way for some students to learn. Additionally, by encouraging discussion, the class could potentially become dominated by more outspoken learners, making it difficult for quieter students. Those who are easily distracted or need silence when trying to absorb material may also find the classroom environment ineffective.

Total Training Solutions offer a huge range of courses, and many in particular benefit from face-to-face learning. Business applications such as the Adobe software or Microsoft Office require hands on training and are best learned through doing. Having someone on hand who can talk you through how the programmes work, as well as being there to assist with any problems you may encounter can be incredibly beneficial. Similarly, courses in communication and customer services which are very much social skills are always taught better by another person, with whom you can practice everything that you learn. To view the full range of courses available from Total Training Solutions, visit our course directory. You can also contact us with any queries you may have through our enquiry form or by phone on 0800 612 1299.

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