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The benefits of virtualisation

10 December 2013

Those who are new to the idea of virtualisation may be confused as to why they would need it - what it contributes to the workplace, and in what way it could be advantageous for a company or organisation. There are multiple benefits to virtualisation and to a subsequent cloud computing system such as VSphere, but we believe these five are the most convincing reasons to switch to a virtualisation system…

1) Virtualisation is eco friendly. Consolidating multiple virtual machines onto fewer physical servers means less power is needed - resulting in a smaller energy footprint. Less physical equipment is also needed, meaning less money needs to be spent, and nothing is wasted.
2) A lot of money often goes into hardware so through reducing the amount of hardware being used, less needs to be spent. This saving also extends to electricity, maintenance and space costs.
3) Less heat generated. All servers generate heat which can often cause multiple problems including software not functioning properly and fans breaking due to overuse. By reducing the number of servers through virtualisation, less heat is generated in the data centre, making heat-related problems much less likely.
4) In the event of a disaster, virtualisation makes fixing it a much faster and smoother process. It also reduces the redeploy time should a physical server die. With virtualisation, you’re not reliant on having a backup server ready or having up to date data on that server - you will be up and running again in minutes.
5) You’re not tied down to one software vendor. Have a PC but prefer OS X? Not a problem. This allows for much more flexibility and customisation.

The main thing an organisation takes away from virtualisation is efficiency. Through using hardware to its maximum capability, less money is wasted and you know you’re not wasting any of your machines. Any system which can save a company time, money and energy is a valuable one, which is why virtualisation has been such a game-changer in IT.

TTS offer a number of courses in VMWare, so you too can benefit from this technology. We also have a range of VSphere courses, including the new VSphere 5.5, for total cloud computing efficiency. To learn more about the courses we have available, visit our course directory. If you have any questions, give us a call on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via our website.

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