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The power of PRINCE2

20 February 2014

The best way to demonstrate the benefits of implementing the PRINCE2 methodology is to look at the many testimonials of satisfied PRINCE2 customers. PRINCE2 is the leading project management resource on the market, and has therefore been used by everyone from Disney to the NHS, however is most regularly utilised by government bodies.

PRINCE2 increases efficiency of government operations around the world, as we can see from these two testimonials - one by Suffolk County Council, and the other the Australian Department of Parliamentary Services (or DPS).

In 2007, Suffolk County Council started a major transformation programme to tackle significant budget challenges. One of the main targets for the central Programme and Project Management team was to help the organisation better manage significant change by embedding a more effective project management system across the organisation, for which they used PRINCE2. Suffolk County Council said;

“We knew PRINCE2 would provide the fundamental tools and techniques, but were aware that in the past it has been regarded as significantly theoretical and bureaucratic. We needed to tailor PRINCE2 in a way that people running projects would find it easier to use and apply. We had to recognise that not everyone running projects had experience in managing projects, and even fewer had PRINCE2 qualifications.”

By using PRINCE2 training courses, like those offered by Total Training Solutions, and adapting PRINCE2 methodology to suit their needs, Suffolk County Council have been able to improve their efficiency and enhance overall project board performance.

Despite Suffolk’s hesitations with this earlier version of the methodology and need to alter certain elements (creating their own PRINCESS system - PRINCE ‘Suffolk Style’), the council still use it for programme and project management and have been more and more impressed as PRINCE2 continues to upgrade and improve...

“It seems to be more flexible and less prescriptive than the old version. This means it will be more representative of how projects actually run in the real world. It provides much better insight into how the methodology sits alongside other methodologies and corporate systems. This will be a significant benefit in helping to embed best practice across an organisation.”

Across the world, in the same year, the Australian DPS was also introducing PRINCE2 in order to increase department efficiency. Due to the extensive services provided by and responsibilities of the department, the Product and Service Development Branch made the decision to implement a single project management methodology for a more unified approach. After implementing PRINCE2, the DPS said;

“What has followed has been a remarkable change in how projects are delivered, including an increased awareness by staff of their roles and responsibilities in the project management life-cycle. All project management staff have received PRINCE2 training. This has established common language and expectations. Career prospects for staff are enhanced through their shared qualifications. Better projects ensure quality outcomes for clients and ultimately increased value for money for all Australians.”

PRINCE2 is utilised by so many government bodies due to its investment value - what is invested in training is made up for in money saved (and even made) by improved efficiency and project results. If you want to learn more about the PRINCE2 courses offered by Total Training Solutions, take a look at our full range of courses, or call us on 0800 612 1299. You can also view all the courses we offer by visiting our course directory. Feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you might have - we’d be happy to help.

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