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Top up your business degree with a professional development course

17 July 2014

Business degrees are some of the most popular university courses chosen by students around the world. The term ‘business degree’ can refer to a wide range of subjects - from finance to HR to management and advertising - and indeed a degree in something as broad as ‘business studies’ can lead to opportunities in all of these areas. However, in a job market where graduates are fighting for employment, topping up a degree such as business studies with a more specific qualification can put you ahead of the game.

While a business degree promises students the best possible knowledge of how businesses are run, they provide little experience or practical skill. For example, the ability to develop strong relationships. Communication can make or break a business relationship, and learning how to do so effectively can make a big difference to your career. A course in negotiation, resolving conflict, or writing reports can show employers that you have the practical skills required for specific roles or managing a team - saving them training and giving them peace of mind.

If you have aspirations to manage or lead, the chances are that you’ll be up against many other competitive individuals when you begin to look for work. Working your way up the career ladder requires that you prove your ability to manage or lead a team effectively - this is where a qualification can help. While a degree will show employers that you know how a business or team should be run, a qualification will demonstrate that you are able to put that theory into practice. Taking a qualification in building a team, conducting meetings or organising time and resources effectively will prove that you not only have the abilities required to lead, but that you are driven and committed to your chosen career path.

Alternatively, if you know what area of business you want to go into, taking a qualification in those specific skills alongside your degree can give you a head start once you graduate. For example, if you want to go into HR, a qualification in equality and diversity or hiring and training can give you a boost onto the career ladder. HR can be a difficult field to get into with no experience, and while a business degree will ensure you’re considered, a more specific additional qualification can prove that you have the skills required to work within a HR team. If you’re more interested in running your own business, a customer service or personal effectiveness qualification can ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge you’ll need to manage your own company.

Professional development courses are always a worth-while investment, as skills in personal effectiveness and leadership are invariably appreciated by all employers. However for young people currently working towards a career in business, an additional qualification from Total Training Solutions can be especially advantageous. Browse our full range of professional development courses, or call us on 0800 612 1299 for more information. You can also visit our course directory, or email us at info@tts-uk.com with any enquiries.

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