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Virtual Learning - Same expert instructors as our ‘classic’ classroom training

24 January 2013

With the option of studying in your own time to fit around other life pressures, it is a common conception that virtual learning also means independent learning. Whilst flexibility and choice still play an important role in any virtual learning environment, technological advancements mean remote students can achieve more intelligent and interactive learning via a real, live classroom.

Key to any successful virtual course is the in-class experience. With this in mind many providers now deliver exactly the same content to remote delegates by allowing them to log-in to a live class. By giving them access to a browser-based interface, the virtual learner can see and hear the tutor and classroom students and have the ability to communicate with them in real-time.

The intuitive interface changes as the learning session progresses so that the virtual learner is kept just as up-to-date as the in-class students. If the tutor is using supporting slides or an interactive whiteboard, the interface is synced with this to ensure the remote delegate is viewing the same part of the presentation as those in the physical classroom. Furthermore, the interface allows the tutor to address a virtual individual via a simple private call function to ensure they get the support and assistance required.

Attention to a quality learning experience is further ensured by restricting the delegate class size. It may be tempting to allow dozens and even hundreds of remote delegates to ‘attend’ and interact with a live class but here is where standards can slip. This is carefully controlled and total class sizes remain the same as that of a classic instructor-led course.

Other developments in virtual learning technology mean all delegates, physical or remote, are provided with dedicated learning labs for quality ‘hands-on’ experience.

If you are interested in virtual learning and discovering more about the benefits the latest technology can bring to the remote learning experience, please get in touch with Total Training Solutions. Browse our course directory to look at our range of Virtual Learning courses. Call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com with any questions or to make a booking.

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