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What is Adobe Flash Player?

19 August 2011

Chances are that every computer you use, whether for work or for leisure, has Adobe Flash Player installed, but what exactly is it? Roughly speaking, Flash Player is software for viewing animations and movies using a computer, most commonly a web browser. Flash Player is, in a way, the virtual machine used to play Flash files, created using Adobe Flash.

Flash Player is available on a huge variety of platforms and browsers as a plug in, and offers HD video and super-fast graphic rendering on both personal computers and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This cross-platform usability makes it a great tool for developers to extend their reach and bring consistent content to users wherever they are.

The latest version of Flash Player is 10.3 which offers a raft of essential features for business including video analytics for websites. Audio quality is also enhanced in the latest release, making group conferencing and collaboration much smoother, and security controls are now more streamlined and easier to manage.

From a developer’s perspective, the Adobe Flash software range offers the chance to design highly animated and interactive websites. Adobe Flash courses offered by Total Training Solutions include instructor led introductory ‘Rookie’ courses for those at the start of their Flash journey through to the more advanced and sophisticated Actionscript HotShot course which will see experienced developers dynamically create content without hindering functionality, build custom events that carry data, build an audio player and use toggling to full screen.

We also offer a ‘Jumpstart’ course that will see any budding developer become a Flash Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) in 5 days. The course combines design with animation techniques and best practice and looks at how design and development work together.

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