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What is Objective-C?

20 June 2013

We have been talking a lot about app development, particularly for Apple devices. But so far we have missed out one of the most fundamental aspects of Apple software development. While many of us may be familiar with HTML and CSS programming language, Objective-C is what you will need for Apple software and works with both OS X and iOS.

At its most basic level, Objective-C deals with ‘objects’ and ‘classes’. Apps are built from a network of these ‘objects’ and Objective-C allows you to programme how they will interact with one another. So, while you can develop basic apps with very little knowledge of Objective-C, eventually you will have to learn to use the code. Particularly, if you are looking to differentiate your app from the standard templates.

As the code works with both the standard and the mobile operating systems, there is no need to learn two different sets of programming language, though there are differences in the way that the two platforms are programmed. The basics of Objective-C can be very useful to an inexperienced developer, but becoming more advanced in your Objective-C fluency can really help to develop top quality apps.

Having teamed up with Amsys, the app development training specialists, we are now able to bring you two Objective-C courses. One for beginner developers and one for those who are already experienced with the language who are looking to become more advanced developers.

So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, if you’re looking to advance your Objective-C capabilities, take a look at our app development course list and call Total Training Solutions today on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via the website.

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